2007 – The Landing

 The Nebuta float made its debut in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, on August 19th, 2007.

Since the Edo Period, the Nebuta parade has been held in Aomori and is known as one of the big 3 summer festivals in Northern Japan.

The Nebuta float, “Samurai Warrior,” was created and built by a 20 year-veteran of the craft, Master Artist Hiroo Takenami.

The 17 ft tall float, lit with over 600 light bulbs, was made in Japan and shipped to Los Angeles dismantled.

This was the first time a Nebuta float of any type had made its way over to the U.S.

“Samurai Warrior” illuminated the streets of Little Tokyo as the finale in the 2007 Nisei Week Parade.

Over 200 “haneto” (literally, hopper) dancers filled the street, chanting the iconic “rassera-“ to the live music

The float was accompanied by traditional Aomori Nebuta music played by professional taiko drummers, Japanese flautists, and traditional Japanese cymbals.

 The experience impacted the Japanese American and local community greatly,

and the overwhelming reaction resulted continued participation in the Nisei Week Parade each year since 2007.


 2009 – Introducing Kodomo Nebuta

The Kodomo (children’s) Nebuta floats were inspired by ones made by small groups in Aomori.

KodomoNebuta is a small, hand-held float designed, created, and performed by one group.

We saw an opportunity to contribute to the Nebuta by having local schools and community centers to make and perform the Kodomo Nebuta.

Thus a new, albeit small, Japanese-American tradition was born in Los Angeles.


2009: Nebuta Float

2011 - 2014: Continuing the legacy



 2015: Nisei (Second generation) Nebuta!


ハリウッド・クリスマス・パレードに出陣!!!  | 2015


今年で84回目を迎えるロサンゼルスの名物イベント 「ハリウッド・クリスマス・パレード」が、









ねぶた囃子とともに 「ラッセ-、ラッセ-、ラッセーラ」


ねぶた台車、音響台車、太鼓台車を引いてくれる引き手を 募集中です!