Nebuta Bayashi

The Nebuta Ohayashi Group is looking for new members to play traditional Japanese instruments!
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Since 2007, the Nebuta Bayashi Group has been performing in the Nisei Week Parade

to provide authentic Nebuta music for the Nebuta floats.

The Ohayashi play three traditional instruments, Fue, Kane and Taiko.

Drum (Taiko)



The nebutabayashi uses large taiko and are hit with long bachi (drum sticks), different from the chu daiko typically associated with taiko performances. We use the middle of the bachi instead of the tips so we don't tear the face of the large taiko. 


Flute (Fue)

The fue is the traditional japanese flute with 7 holes, and the hardest instrument to learn of the 3. It is said that it takes an average of 3 years to learn to play. 


Cymbal (Kane)

The cymbals brighten up the group sound and come in many sizes to meet your needs. 


Below is a performance by our mentor group, the Aomori Ryouyukai: