Haneto Costume

1.On your head, wear a hanagasa, a triangular straw hat with colorful artificial flowers.

2. Wear a strap on your shoulder, that comes in bright colors like red and pink.

3. Around your waist, wear a shigoki band, and a gagashiko, a tin container for water or alcohol to drink.

4. A simple kimono known as a yukata, white-based.

5. The hem of the kimono should be rolled up to the knee. Underneath, wear a pink or light blue okoshi.

6. Wear traditional white tabi, or socks with split toes: one part for the big toe and the other part for other toes.
Wear zori, traditional sandals with straw strings.
It is best to bind the sandals to your feet with a cloth called mameshibori so that they do not come off while you are dancing.