We will parade with Nebuta floats and Haneto Dancers
with Live music (Ohayashi: Taiko Drums & Flutes)
「Rasse~、Rasse~、Rasse~ra」 We have 2 types of Haneto Registration

Report to the following venue
on Sunday, August 11,
at Aomori Kenjinkai Kaikan
by 1 PM (You must on time)

We have 2 types of Haneto Registration

Bring your Haneto Costume
Reqistration Fee: $5

Rental Haneto Costume
Regitatration Fee: $20

All Participants must
Be 5 years old
or older
unter High School Student must be accompanied by a guardian

If children bring their own yukata,we will arrange them in a Haneto costume
Reqistration Fee: Free


After registration Please click here